Custom Fabrication
Custom Fabrication


We Can Take Your Design and Make it Lighter and Stronger With Aluminum Honeycomb Panels.


Applications of varying types are enhanced by the use of strong, lightweight aluminum honeycomb panels. Using your design, we will incorporate our honeycomb panel technology in a variety of methods to enhance your application.


Pacific Panels Inc. not only has the in house capability to cut aluminum honeycomb core to +- 0.015 to customize your honeycomb panel thickness, we also have the capability to perform precise drilling, cutting, & machining using our 60″ x 120″, 60″ x 240″ and 80″ x 120″ CNC Routers. Our CNC Routers greatly expand our capabilities to take on even the most intricate customized projects requiring precise drilling, cutting, and machining. ¬†Potting¬†compounds, threaded inserts, hard spots, extrusions, pre-drilling, tapped, and a variety of other custom fabrication techniques are incorporated with our honeycomb panels.
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