Standard Panels


Standard Panels


Our standard aluminum panels are 4’x 8’, 4’x 10’, and 4’x 12′. Custom sizes are available up to 5′ wide and 20′ long or 4′ wide and 30′ long. Standard aluminum panel thicknesses are ¼”, ½”, 1’,1 ¾” and 1 7/8″. Other thicknesses are available upon request. Standard aluminum facing thickness is 0.032 (0.025, 0.040, 0.063 available). Front and back aluminum facings can be coated with a wide variety of Powder or Roll Coated finishes. Facings can be either nonconductive or Electro static dissipative.


Standard colors include Polar White, Designer White, and Shell. Other colors are available depending on volume and lead-time requirements. Lead times for any combination of our standard aluminum panels – shipped within 2-3 weeks ARO-. As for our stock aluminum panels we have ready available 4’x 8’x ¼” and 4’x 10’x ¼” polar white aluminum honeycomb panels with .032 aluminum skins and ¾” cell size commercial grade aluminum core (see stock aluminum panels for spec).


Pacific Panels Inc. stocks 4’x 8’x ¼” & 4’x 10x ¼” aluminum honeycomb panels.

Stock Aluminum Panel Specifications:

  • Skins – 0.032 thick aluminum
  • Color – Polar white (glossy role coat epoxy)
  • Honeycomb – ¾” cell size commercial grade aluminum
  • Adhesive – thermosetting epoxy(Non-outgasing)


Stock aluminum panels lead time:

  • Orders requiring shipping – 1-2 days to crate and shipped
  • Local order (100 mil. max) – 1-2 days delivered or same day will call pick-up

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